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Do I have to pay to come to the cafe, even though I am just looking to adopt?

Yes! Even if you are just looking to adopt, everyone who is coming to visit the cafe has to pay the entrance fee.

What if my child is under 7 years old? Can I bring them? Do I have to pay for my child?

Unfortunately children under 7 are not permitted at the cafe due to our insurance policy. All children and adults 7+ need to pay the entrance fee in order to visit the cafe.

I want to surrender my cat, can I bring it to the cat cafe?

No, we do not accept personal owner surrenders at the cat cafe. All of the cats from the cafe come from foster homes, and have been fully vetted. If you're looking to surrender please fill out an owner surrender form.

Are you hiring?

No, we do not have any paid positions within the rescue, we are volunteer based only.

Do you serve food entrees and coffee or espresso drinks?

No, the cat cafe does not serve actual food. We do have bottled beverages and a Keurig with an assortment of coffees you can brew. 

Why do I have to pay an adoption fee, I can get a free cat or kitten off the internet?

As a rescue we are funded out of our own pockets, the adoption fee helps recoup a portion of the money we put into vetting for each cat and kitten. Al of our cats and kittens come fully vetted. If you want a free one, then you may go get one off the internet. 

I found a stray cat outside, can I bring it to you?

No, we do not take in stray cats from off the streets, we pull from Shelters like Animal Control. If you find a stray cat please take it to your local animal control. 

Can I surrender my cat?

We do take owner surrenders, an online surrender form needs to be filled out. We are a foster based rescue. 

What does the money go to when I pay to get into the cafe?

The cafe is still a business, and with that comes expenses, like rent, utilities, and vet care & food for all the cats and kittens at the cafe.

What do you mean when you say a cat or kitten is fully vetted?

Each cat and kitten will be spayed / neutered, have age appropriate shots, rabies, combo tested (FIV & FeLV), any medical attention needed, flea treatment, and several de wormings. 

I applied to adopt, how long does it take to get approved?

On average, it takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to approve an application. We get 20+ applications a day, and sometimes it may take longer. Everyone does work full time jobs out side of the rescue, so please keep that in mind.

Where can I see all the cats?

We are a foster based rescue, please follow our Facebook page & the adoptable cats tab on the website

Frequently Asked Questions

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